VBS Staff Homepage

Thank you for your interest in helping out for VBS!!
This page will give you everything you need to know.  If we forgot something, let us know!!

staff kick off

All of our staff is required to attend our Staff Kick Off event.  This is a great way to start our week off right, get to know each other and find out where we will be serving.
Saturday, August 3rd, 10am-2pm
If you have any questions regarding the kick off, please contact vacationbibleschool@faithlbc.com

First Day

Monday morning, we ask that everyone be at the church by 8:15am.  Every morning we will begin with a staff meeting in the sanctuary.  We will go over announcements and any important information for the day.


We do not require our staff to wear anything specific.  However, we do expect our staff to dress appropriately.  
We do have staff shirts available for those who would like to purchase one through CustomInk.  You can pick your color of either red or blue.  There is no requirement for a certain color.  If you do purchase a shirt, you will receive it at our staff kick off event.  

To order your shirt through CustomInk, please click here


We have a few rules that we expect our staff to abide by.  The most important is that we do not allow our staff to carry around their cell phones.  For the safety of our children, this is to prevent any photographs being taken.  It is also to help our staff remain focused on helping and serving our children.  The rest of our guidelines will be discussed at the Staff Kick Off Event.

Community Service

For those who need community service hours, we would be happy to sign off on 20 hours for the week of VBS.  Each teen who needs these hours will be given a form that they will have to fill out and have signed by both their area leader as well as the director.  


If you are under 18, please click here to register for staff

If you are over 18, please click here to register for staff